Following up Kolibiri

Kolibiri reminds me of the jolly green giant – yes the one from the front of sweet corn tins, however he is more than that, the vloger has captured the attention of many Youtubers who both love and hate him.
HowardCneal Christmas Special

Merry Christmas people! For this was truly a great Christmas special if there was one, with a reference to Pokémon, a game featuring Santa firing sleeping pills and a Lemmings game where the lemmings jump off a cliff, who could ask for a better Christmas? My laptop vibrates due to his voice, I could swear it jumped a few times, turning your sound down is advised for this one kids. Just when you think it can’t get much better Cneal lays down a Turkey apocalypse game, where he clicks on a dating site ad, glorious… not the best Cneal… but certainly great fun and entertainment if you have 8 minutes to blow.
Thomas the Tank engine
THE MAN IS A GENIUS. Thomas the Tank engine, for all the boys and girls out there, Cneal starts the review with “I’m only five so I got to pick the blue button” setting the satirical tone for the video, perhaps a rarity in this video from all his other videos is that he speaks in a hushed tone (perhaps for kids). The line that gets me every time is: “Thomas likes to play tricks don’t fall for Thomas’ tricks” followed by Cneal on the brink of laughter when the game congratulates him. Cneal portrays Thomas like some kind of predator, it hurts when I laugh.

Perhaps the people who send hateful messages to him flatter him the most, numerous trolling posts are left on his profile weekly. For such a reaction to be attained Kolibiri seems to have a power to make his audience actively go to his page and leave a message, and finds the time to answer everyone of them as if answering a friend. Where most bloggers struggle to get views, let alone comments, Kolibiri basks in fame, infamy and flattery simultaneously.

In recent news it seems Kolibiri has gone missing, his account was apparently suspended, which I’m looking into why at the moment. He has been found again! So Fear not!


Inside the Youtubers – Kolibiri

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Kolibiri, one of the biggest reviewers of games and music(recently) on Youtube with a colossal fan base, known as HowardCneal(his stage name) to most of his fans. Kolibiri is one of the wittiest and clever youtubers out there and his stats speak for them-self!

Kolibiri’s Stats

Subscribers: 1,692

Channel Views: 109,648

Firstly I asked him if any of the farfetched info on his profile was true.


Hometown: South Tarawa
Country: Japan
Occupation: Spider Catcher
Companies: Big Dan’s Bug Business”
Kolibiri: No, sadly none of that stuff is true. I have Japan as my country so when Youtube sends me e-mails it’s in Japanese and I can have a fun little time reading it. But maybe one day I’ll be a spider catcher at Dan’s Bug Business, I can always hope…

Me: Whats your real name? Howard Cena (is that spelt correctly?)

Kolibiri: My real name is Kris Offill. For Howard, I spell that as HowardCneal. Many people try to pop out a “Howard C. Neal” but no, it’s all one nice long word.

Me: What’s your real time job? (You don’t have to be specific)

Kolibiri: I work at the local amusement park.

Me: Why did you chose to start making these videos and why did you choose the 32X?

Kolibiri: My main reason is simply to document games. I mean if you try to search “Tekichuu Keiba Juku” in Google, you’re goanna find nothing but a series of rom sites and sites that claim to have cheats for the game but actually don’t. Filthy. So this is my little way to try and catalogue as many games as possible. The good ol’ 32X was chosen because it has such a small library of games, I could easily document the whole series in a small amount of time. And what a damn fine collection of games that system possesses, I must say.

Me: What age group / audience do you aim your videos to?

Kolibiri: Mainly horse jockeys and Goths. Anyone that appreciates offbeat/non-equatorial/random humour really. It seems it’s late teens/early twenties. I’m sure there’s at least a few serial killer viewers too, which is pretty exciting.

Me: Your voice seems to be core to all your work, do you think you have a talent to act? Is that voice put on? What to you want to show through your voice?

Kolibiri: The only time I acted was in this sweet play we put on in 5th grade, some detective nonsense. I was this dude named Kevin that had one little scene where I come out with this girl and I’m all like, “We’re on a way to a parrrty.” (I had to stress that party line for some reason, came out similar potty when I said it) But no, other than that, acting is something for me. My voice is pretty monotonous for the most part, at least that’s what my jerk of a speech teacher told me. It’s not put on or anything though, that is my normal talking style, although I don’t refer to women as “this little slut” as often as I do in my videos. What I want to show is sort of a guy that has no idea what’s going on in the games, very ignorant about them, and you hear that through the ridiculous comments he makes as he plays. It’s funny a lot of times when people leave comments “omfg learn to play the g4me fag,” totally oblivious to that I’m doing…

Me: Compared to other bloggers what do you think you have that they don’t?

Kolibiri: From what I gather through the other reviewers, a lot of them focus specifically on bad games, well known games for the most part to. Most take it pretty seriously too, actually pointing factual good/bad about the games. I don’t bother with any of that, I just go through a system’s library, the more obscure the game the better, and “review” it. Half the time it’s my first time even playing the game as I make the video, and I don’t bother with any editing nonsense. Whatever comes out is what the final product is. I guess that’s a quality lots of people like, lo-fi videos of a guy playing a Japanese vase making simulation for the first time talking about how your character’s fingernails could use a trimming as they’re getting rather long.

Me: That’s a gigantic fan base do you plan to expand, buy your own web space for a website?

Kolibiri: Nah, I like to spend as little money as possible, and Youtube’s worked perfectly so far. If I was going to spend money on my videos it’d go towards my horrendous microphone, but even that’s not happening anytime soon.

Upcomming next blog is a review of some of HowardCneals greatest moments, and currently on the production line is an interview and review with the famours Youtube animator AgentXPQ.

Inside the Youtubers – David Cameron

This blog gives an insight into the YouTube video blogger, I’ve come up with a list of some of the most popular and controversial bloggers and am going to tell you what the big fuss is about. Webcameronuk, David Cameron’s infamous blog which has been a subject of much ridicule from the Conservative party leader who has said countless times: ‘this government has lost its way’. Is the government the only thing that’s out of place?

Cameron’s Stats:

Subscribers: 657

Channel Views: 24,651

 Subscribed to: BackBoris


His opening video seems reminiscent of the ‘Picture’ loan advert, you can almost hear the cheesy music. He opens with the word ‘Erm’, directed to make him seem more like a ‘real person’, then talks about what ‘webcameron’ is, which he says ‘this is a really good way of communicating properly with people’.  The most interesting and entertaining moment in this blog are the constant interruptions from his daughter, and he then finishes with: ‘right now I’m going to wash up the porridge’, a metaphor for his career?

                Fortunately not, in fact his blog has being going strong for over a year now and is rousing interest of well over 5,000 people. In one of his more recent videos ‘David Cameron takes you behind the scenes at PMQs’ opens with a new opening video which he has not done himself, it’s too flashy and he can’t film himself breaking traffic laws on his bicycle, however it is entertaining and draws you in, however, rather then being reminiscent of the ‘Picture’ adverts, it reminds me of the ‘Sooty & Co’ opening.

The eight minute video on behind the scenes meetings actually shows progress being made, or at least spoken, however Cameron brings it back to the ‘blog’ style, talking about the weather, his cups of tea, and taking his daughter to school, however he does say that the house of commons is a ‘performance’.  The video of the house of common is edited closely to only show one agenda, only showing Cameron’s speech and not the PM Gordon Brown’s speech, whereas his points are made clear about ‘stop and search laws’ and ‘making our streets safe.’

                Overall I find Cameron’s blogs are useful, and informative, I do think some of the things he does in these blogs make him look foolish, however, if we the viewers were not entertained by his jests and irrelevant talking we would become board very quickly. The final question is, when can we expect Gordon Brown’s and George Bush’s blog?